Why is Final Fantasy XIV the top MMORPG?

Final Fantasy XIV is the game that just keeps on giving. Square Enix has never been one to disappoint their dedicated fans and the journey of FFXIV has been no different. Are you worried that the base game may not be enough for you? Well, the developers are not short on producing quality expansion packs to keep every MMORPG fan satisfied.

But, besides that… What is actually so good about Final Fantasy XIV?

The base game brings your player up to level 50, with each expansion following that allowing you to level up an additional 10 times. Although, the expansions contain even more content than the base game does.

The Shadowbringers DLC and Endwalkers DLC contain even more content than the original game itself. Therefore, making every penny players spend on FFXIV entirely worthwhile. Additionally, it is just nice to know your efforts aren’t for nothing as Square Enix continue to work on the game.

If the hours of entertainment is still not enough to keep you invested, the visuals certainly should be. Final Fantasy has been a franchise reputable for its comprehensive storylines and beautiful artwork. Every cinematic scene acts as an experience in itself; they are often impossible to skip. It is arguable that both the story and visuals seem to get better as the game goes on, hooking almost every player in with ease. 

What else?

When the Shadowbringers DLC won the ‘Excellence in Multiplayer’ award in 2020, it came as no surprise. Both Final Fantasy veterans and newbies anticipated this highly. The award then simply raised expectations for the future of the game. Players were reminded that Square Enix has never let them down (for the most part), with both new and old players flocking to the game again. Perhaps the only issue being when it comes to servers, that is. Yet the server issues arise from how many individuals are playing the game, just going to show its popularity.

Showing you where money is being spent, Final Fantasy XIV is packed with quality content. Yet, it is also an amazing immersive experience both visually and in terms of gameplay. Furthermore, the game is never ‘dead’ so to speak. No matter what server you invite your character into, there are communities to interact with at all times. Final Fantasy XIV then fuels head-canon abilities to no end, mainly leaving you trying to find reasons to actually put the game down.

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