Five Local Co-op Games That’ll Drive A Wedge In Relationships

You might not like shooters, MMORPGs, or even racing games. You might have close family and friends that you love dearly. So what should you do? Play a local co-op game of course! Playing online means you can’t look at your brother’s face when they cause the whole team to lose. Playing a versus game means you’ll never experience the feeling of placing all your hopes and dreams on your sister’s shoulders only for her to crumble under pressure. Now I know some of you are like “But Benny we’ve already been playing Overcooked.” Forget that game! I’m here to talk about five OTHER great local co-op games that will drive a wedge into your close relationships.

The inside of the titular burger diner in Diner Bros, one of five local co-op games featured in this article

Diner Bros

“Oh so you don’t put Overcooked on here but you put this other cooking game.” Wait, don’t do that. The only thing these games have in common are the fact that you cook and serve food. Diner Bros is MUCH harder to play due to several different factors. In this game you have to go up to people to take their order like in Diner Dash, clean the table, cook the food, serve drinks, add appetizers, beat up bums, and the worst part of all is the difficulty does not scale. Upgrading the shop just adds more seats which means more customers which means the teamwork must be almost perfect. And it will not be. There are quite a few modes with vastly different cuisines like sushi, pizza, burgers, and tacos. And unlike that other cooking game, where you can still beat levels with just 3 or even 2 people, it is virtually impossible to get deep in this game without four soon-to-be-ex close friends.

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The beginning of a game of Unrailed!, one of five local co-op games featured in this article


Most co-op games give you a comfortable time limit to complete your tasks with the occasional monkey wrench thrown in. Not here. In Unrailed!, a game born from the depths of stress you have a train trying to get from station to station while you and your cronies have to lay the track it rides on. The train does not stop moving, so you have to chop trees, break stones, build track, keep the train cool, and beat cows to death(they be in the way). Now you don’t necessarily need four players for this but you will need to have defined roles later in the game. There is only one axe for chopping and one pickaxe for cracking, so when those items are dropped in random places and you guys are scrambling to lay track to cross the large body of water but the bridge isn’t built yet, in that moment you will be able to pinpoint precisely why you can’t stand your sister.

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Shooting enemies in Android Assault Cactus, one of five local co-op games featured in this article

Assault Android Cactus

After playing those first two games you might be tired of directly working together and now you want to shoot something. You’re in luck! Assault Android Cactus is a place where you and your fellow buddies must work together to shoot robots that closely resemble crustaceans in an isometric environment. You can get gun upgrades, wings for faster movement, and freeze enemies so you can mow them down. But hold on there, certainly you didn’t think this was some game where you all had your own life bar and death only affected the player who dies? Oh you sweet summer child. In this game you all share one main life bar, and when you die you have the option to come back but this takes a sizable chunk out of the shared life. This game will give you the experience of having not died at all on the final boss but the one time you fall and try to come back you realize you cannot because your brother got caught slipping five times and put the health bar at zero.

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A dirty room in Out Of Space, one of five local co-op games featured in this article

Out of Space

Alright I get it. The violence in the game is about to translate to real life so you need to calm down. But you still want to see aliens? Bet. Out Of Space is game where you and your team must rid a spaceship of its infestation. You do this by mopping up alien slime, throwing water and grinding the aliens into a fine paste. Now you might think that this seems a little too straightforward to make soul swell with hate, and you’re right. This game has an eating and sleeping system. If you move too much, your player gets tired and must rest before they pass out. If they don’t eat for an extended period of time, they will lay on the ground until fed. What fun! Oh dear, I’ve neglected to inform you that if the aliens get too much goo on you your character will turn into a cocoon. So when you hit that moment in the game where your friend is a cocoon, your brother is passed out blocking a doorway, and your sister stiff from hunger, you’ll close your eye and wish you were alone.

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Putting a table in the truck in Moving Out

Moving Out

You guys have been stressed out for hours now and everybody hates each other. Just take a deep breath. I’ve saved the most calm of all these games for last. Moving Out is a game where you put items in a truck. Simple as that. Some items can be carried by one person, some need two. Items can be thrown, windows can be shattered and watch out for the pool. You can get different ratings depending on how long it takes you to get the truck filled up. So if it’s a bit too hard, just take your time. This game is bright and colorful and the homes are challenging while remaining fun. And this game is extra smooth with four players. It is not smooth with three. DO NOT PLAY WITH JUST THREE.

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Look at you. Before reading this list you probably thought the best way to lose friends was with a punch. But you know better now. Playing any one of these games for more than an hour at a time will yield negative results. And because of these games you will know exactly why you don’t like the people you love. Your sister moves too slow, your brother doesn’t think, your friend is a goofball. So go forth knowing the five best co-op games that’ll drive a wedge in your close relationships. Don’t forget to crack a smile, because isn’t this what you wanted?

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