Did You Know…About Super Mega Baseball 3?

So you’ve been looking for a sports game huh? Don’t want to play Madden? I get it. No time for 2K? Understandable. Golf? Let’s be real. How about America’s Pastime? The good ol’ stick and balls? The one with so many unwritten rules you could write a book? Yeah that one. Now you might be thinking “But BMD I could just go play MLB: The Show.” You can’t on PC! But that’s where this game comes in. A formerly goofy, now more serious game about a very old sport. I’m gonna tell you everything you need to know about Super Mega Baseball 3.

An in-game screenshot from Super Mega Baseball 3


Have you ever watched an MLB broadcast? Well aside from the perspective everything you see on television you’ll see here. you can see just how strong your opposition is, the type of pitches they throw, and baserunning-related stats. We can see the crowd in the background, we have stadium variety with different outfields, even some fake ads and jumbotrons. The fields look nice, the camera is perfect, and the teams are full of women! The sound of the bat hitting the ball and the ball slamming into the glove is *chefs kiss*. This game looks, sounds, and smells(if you cut the grass and play by an open window) like a baseball game.

An in-game screenshot from Super Mega Baseball 3


I’ve never played a baseball simulation game so I don’t know what’s common in these games. I do know that this is very fun. When batting you can bunt, power, or contact swing. You can change the bat path(something I hear about on MLB Network constantly) to give the ball more pop or make it line drive. Pitching is fun because there are eight pitches total but each pitcher only has on average about four. You can throw pitches that break inside far outside and vice-versa. You can steal, throw runners out from the mound or from the plate. This game just meshes together beautifully like cake ingredients.

An in-game screenshot from Super Mega Baseball 3


Now in most sports games when it comes to difficulty you have about five hard settings and you can tweak smaller ones like catching and speed. Not here! This game has something called “Ego” that goes from 1-100. You can try to break down the intricacies behind it but that really isn’t necessary. If you win by 15 runs, go ahead and knock that Ego up a few points. You get blown out by 20? You might have had it a little too high. Eventually you and the Ego will scale together as one. If you play at 100 Ego straight out the box those pitches will sail past you. But if you trek upwards gradually the higher Egos don’t seem that bad.

An in-game screenshot from Super Mega Baseball 3


This game has quite a few modes to choose from. Season is for those who want to just play the games and have fun. Franchise mode is for those of us who like to pick up free agents and hate ourselves when injuries take over and there is nothing we can do. There are also online leagues where you can play other people and thanks to the reddit has led to some pretty extensive and deep communities. Customization is very intricate when it comes to design and in the hands of dedicated artists has led to some masterpieces.


If you’ve been looking for a sports game that will suck up your time like a mid-inning pitching change you’ve found it. This is one of those easy-to-learn, hard-to-master games but when you hit your stride it will all be worth it. So go grab some egregious amounts of chewing gum and sunflower seeds and kick your feet up. It’s time to play ball.

Steam Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/988910/Super_Mega_Baseball_3/

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