Why Aren’t You Playing Caveblazers?

Well? Don’t you know Caveblazers is the best roguelike game ever! Probably. I’m still crunching the numbers and dating the data but I do believe that if you want to die in a game over and over again, this is where you should be doing it. It has tight controls, neat graphics, combat variety and so much more! Are you still here? Why aren’t you playing Caveblazers?

Part of the Caveblazers title screen


Caveblazers keeps movement pretty simple. You can run all over the place, slide down and jump off walls, and fall through platforms. When it comes to the offensive/defensive side of the game you have three options. A melee weapon like a sword or spear, a ranged weapon like a bow or blaster, and a magic item. You can even throw items like bombs and set bear traps(there are no bears in this game). This game also has splitscreen co-op!


There are two ways to play this game. You can use a controller, or use a mouse and keyboard. Now I have never played this without a controller but I do know that the alternative will give you better accuracy and it makes it a bit easier to use items like potions and bombs, but when it comes to platformers I just have to play with a gamepad. I recommend trying both to see where your strengths lie. Poor movement in Caveblazers could cost you.


Now looking at this game wont knock your socks off or anything but boy does it look nice. It’s pixel art drawn with just enough definition that you can tell what you’re looking at. The different levels have character baked into the floor and the more gory effects might even turn your stomach. The different attacks, melee especially, have this smooth movement to them that will make it seem like your attacks carry more weight. You can even customize your outfit! Why aren’t you playing Caveblazers?

Weapon Variety

Caveblazers has a bunch of weapons. A hair too many one might say. From big axes to small axes, to a Dragon Sword that might set enemies on fire, to a Crimson Sword that heals you, this game even has a scythe that steals souls! The ranged weapons aren’t any less chaotic, there are fire and ice bows, poison bows, electric magic bows, and the classic slingshot. When it comes to magic items there are support, offensive, and defensive types. There is definitely something you’ll like.

The various perks seen in Caveblazers


In quite a few roguelikes the starting point is exactly the same for all players which bites down on variety. Not here! Caveblazers has perks, slight alterations you can make to your character before heading down into the caves. With over twenty to choose from you can perfect your playstyle! Do you like to kill from a distance? Get the perk that lets you shoot two arrows at once! Do you hate all that magical mumbo jumbo? Get the perk that makes you stronger, but you can’t use magic items! Did you just watch that Castlevania Anime? Get the Vampire Perk! There’s something for everybody here! Why aren’t you playing Caveblazers?!


A key element of roguelikes is the fact that you will definitely a die a lot before you win. Caveblazers is no different. But if you start to get bored of the cycle of death there are ways to spice it up. There is something called a Challenge Run which is the normal game with special uh…challenges. You only get one try and it changes daily. They have a mode where you go against waves of enemies in a battle arena, this is the true test of skill and can help you improve overall. And lastly, if you keep on losing with your best build, try a different one! Variety is the spice of life and maybe you keep using arrow when you really need a knife. You can even play this co-op!


This is a nice, tight game that seems like it flew under the radar because I never see it mentioned when roguelikes are brought up. I could have kept going on and on about other gameplay elements like the blessings which give you bonuses mid-game, the altars you can receive items from, or even leaderboards for highscores! I only stop now because the cave is calling for me. Do you hear it as well?

Steam Link: http://Steam Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/452060/Caveblazers/

GOG Link: http://gog.com/game/caveblazers

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