Can You Make It Through The New Xbox Horror Bundle?

Earlier this week, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson’s Blog reported that Xbox Stores are now carrying a horror bundle with three award-winning games. The horror bundle includes The Medium, Observer: System Redux, and DARQ Complete Edition: including DLC DARQ the Tower and DARQ the Crypt. Soon, Halloween will be upon us and the Xbox is creating a bundle to get you in the spooky spirit.

The Medium

Take on the talents of a medium while you play as Marianne. The game starts with a chilling phone call; a stranger urgently requests your assistance, telling you to head to the old forgotten communist resort. But before disconnecting, he mentions the secret that has been haunting Marianne’s visions for a while. ‘It all starts with a dead girl,’ and so the story begins. Solve puzzles, encounter monsters of fear, uncover skin-crawling secrets, explore Marianne the Medium’s rare abilities to slip between dual realities at the same time, and more.

  • The Medium is a single-player third-person psychological puzzle horror game.

DARQ Complete Edition: Including DLC DARQ the Tower and DARQ the Crypt

From the start of the game, DARQ places you into a lucid dream with no actual backstory, just the twisted beauty of the unconscious mind of Lloyd, the main character you’ll be playing. While Lloyd sleeps, logic has no bind on his surrounding world. Use that knowledge to change room layouts, solve lever-based puzzles, walk on walls, and take on twisted enemies lurking in the dark as you try to wake Lloyed from his nightmare.

  • DARQ is a puzzle, adventure game.

Observer: System Redux

The year is 2084, you work for the neural police and your name is Dan Lazarski; this is your reality. Try not to forget who you are as Lazarski journeys through the sinister, unsettling, and fearful minds of criminals and victims and relive the terrors they faced to get the answers you need. In this future, your memories and emotions can be used against you in a court of law. This game is not for the weak of heart, it is disturbing and demands a mature audience. 

  • Observer: System Redux is a single-player, FPS, adventure, psychological, survival horror game, available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

In summary, ’tis the season to be scary, and Xbox has created a bundle just for that. From communicating with souls in the afterlife, to fighting to wake from a nightmare and finally policing the fears of others, these games are sure to keep with players long after logging off.
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