Keeping Check on Finances and Taking Great Buying Decisions When Gaming

keeping check on finances and taking great buying decisions

Financial responsibility means keeping an eye on finances and making wise purchasing decisions, yet gaming is an inherently expensive hobby that could end up with you facing a large credit card bill and unexpected expenses that you hadn’t anticipated.

One way to protect against spending too much on in-game purchases is to set a spending limit or enable payment notifications (for instance on Steam). This will help avoid unpleasant surprises, and will give you advance warning of when your spending exceeds its limits. Alternatively, linking gift cards instead of credit cards directly with gaming accounts may prove especially helpful when used by younger gamers who may still lack enough responsibility to handle handling one responsibly.

Also helpful is tracking every in-game purchase on paper or using an expense tracking app, either for yourself or your gamer. Doing this will force you to think carefully about each purchase and ensure it falls within your budget, while simultaneously helping prevent accidental spending of funds that should go toward paying bills or repaying student loans. Furthermore, should any large purchases arise later on, your paper or app records can serve as a handy reference point to see whether they’re worthwhile.

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